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Phoenix Rising

Fire Walks

Phoenix rising is all about recognition.

The inner strength of YOU

The internal fire that will always be burning within.

Fire walking can potentially be transformative, both spiritually and mentally.

Nothing can prepare you for what achievements you can make.

KAMAT (4).png
KAMAT (4).png

Are you ready to achieve a breakthrough?

To firewalk, is an ancient practice.

Bare footed, you walk over red-hot wood embers at a brisk pace.


It can be a life changing experience.


It is often used as a rite of passage, as a test of courage, empowerment, breakthrough limiting beliefs or for a more deeper spiritual purpose.


Arrow Breaking

Is thought of to be based on an ancient Fijian ritual. It is the practice of placing the point of a wooden archery arrow in the soft tissue area of the notch of your throat and the other end against a hard solid surface.


The participant then needs to set their intention and needs to recognise their thoughts, beliefs and emotional responses to step or lean forward until they bend and then snap the arrow without injury.

For many people it is an extremely powerful experience for breaking through their own limiting beliefs,and personal empowerment.

Many people keep their broken arrow and some even frame it and hang it on their wall as a reminder that they can achieve far more than they used to believe that they could.

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